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Friday, March 16th, 2018 - Europa Brand, Renault

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept is a robo-vehicle – a shared, electric, driverless vehicle. Driving in town and the surrounding areas, it is designed to transport people – up to six passengers simultaneously. It is accompanied by a dedicated station, which blends in with the surrounding environment.

2018 Renault EZ-GO is more than just a concept car. It’s both a vehicle and a service. It becomes part of the smart city ecosystems that are being developed by governments, municipalities and the private sector. Its modular platform allows other possible uses. You will see more later this year, as 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept is the first member of a family of concept cars to be introduced all through 2018.

In Renault’s life cycle design strategy ‘flower’, this family embodies the ‘Work’ petal.

On-demand mobility for all

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept provides an on-demand mobility solution for all. It works through an instant-booking service from an app, or from in-town stations, depending on the preference of the operator.

The service may be operated by private or public organisations. It can potentially operate 24/7 and it supplements car ownership and mass transit such as subways and busses. It combines the flexibility and comfort of individual transport with the efficiency and the safety provided by public transport.

A dual role in cities 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept represents Renault’s vision of a future on-demand mobility service that would be a genuine asset for any city, potentially even an iconic and recognizable design, representing its philosophy and commitment to providing sustainable, efficient mobility for everyone.

Over and above this symbolic aspect, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s functional aspects give it a dual role in cities.

First, it simplifies travel for everyone, either as a stand-alone means of transport or as part of a multi-transport framework. Door-to-door or to/from a station. It will be affordable because it is a shared service. Making trips easier for users will help reduce stress and provide new personal and professional choices. Leisure and work activities will take the place of driving for the users.

Next, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept has a positive impact on cities. In addition to encouraging shared mobility that by nature helps improve traffic flow and reduces the number of parking places needed, it is respectful, silent and pollution-free, thanks to its zero-emission design, smart grid systems, and intelligent second-life battery use. 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s trapeze shape, its limited height and large glazed surfaces make it a genuine window onto the city, less obvious than a conventional bus or shuttle. Lastly, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s tree-lined stations blend beautifully into the cityscape. Its shallow angle makes it easy for people to get in with a suitcase on wheels, a stroller, a wheelchair, or even on crutches. Its benches are comfortable and made for lounging, without division between passengers; and its screens show useful information about the city that helps everyone, even those who don’t use 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept.

Safety is a priority 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept

Statistics show that autonomous driving leads to a significant decrease in the number of accidents. 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept has level 4 autonomous driving capability on the SAE International* 5-level scale. This means the vehicle is able to manage its distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane, change lanes (e.g. when overtaking) and turn all by itself at a junction. It can also move into a safe position in cases of exceptional incidents in its vicinity, either by itself or through its connectivity with a monitoring centre – a technology currently being developed under the Alliance’s umbrella.

Compared to a conventional or ‘shuttle’ type of vehicle, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept actively bolsters its users’ safety thanks to its limited speed (30 mph), its wide front opening is safe and away from the road for passengers when getting in and out, and the light marking the ground outside to indicate where the platform will land.

Safety is also increased for the city’s other users and persons near the vehicle, thanks to the light signature that shows it’s in autonomous mode, the messages on the light strips (e.g. showing arrows to pedestrians when they can cross the road) and the outside sounds that signal its presence to pedestrians and cyclists.

One vehicle, many users

With 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s innovative architecture and cocoon-like styling, Renault is the first automaker to design a robo-vehicle that is meant to be beautiful, far from a cube-shaped shuttle. The characteristics of this concept mean all types of users can use it, in many ways and under various conditions, in keeping with the “Easy Life” approach that is in Renault’s DNA:

  • A working space that opens out onto the city;
  • Driving people who can’t themselves;
  • A safe trip for vulnerable people;
  • Privatise the journey and choose with whom we travel;
  • Easy ingress and egress;
  • Prams and babies are welcome on board;
  • Easier access for persons with reduced mobility;
  • 1-6 persons on board;
  • Private-group trips;
  • Discovering the city;
  • Getting aboard anywhere on the city;
  • Sitting safely;
  • Booking from the station;
  • A station for all to use, built right into the city.

A new, connected and personalised life experience on board

The 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept experience begins when getting on board. No straining required, you just get in while standing upright, through the innovative front door. The small platform adjusts to its environment by lowering to the level of the roadway or of the station’s access ramp.

Once inside, passengers can enjoy an open space for discussions, with sofa-type seating in a semicircle for more conviviality. You can choose where you want to sit when booking. Once everybody is settled in and any luggage fastened in the reserved spots, just push the button to tell the vehicle that it can start again.

With the onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, users have a continuous direct access to their digital lives. They can charge their smartphones by induction. There’s a large screen in front of the door for sharing trip information (time to arrival, planned stops for boarding or leaving, etc.), or information about the city’s services, with the passengers. For example, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept can display information about a tourist spot as it travels close by. Last year, Renault showed this vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity technology (V2X) in the autonomous prototype SYMBIOZ Demo car.

The station’s screens show cultural and tourist information about the city and lets you book trips spanning several means of transport, and tickets to museums at your destination. Many content options could be possible, depending on the usage scenario.

Choose when booking

In addition to your seat on board, booking a trip with the EZ-GO app on your smartphone, or from the station screen lets you customize your experience in various ways. People who want to use the service get a choice of several vehicles, each with a different type of passengers who can board it. For example, six tourists who want the whole vehicle to themselves and have a guided discovery tour of the city.

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept  Design

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s trapeze-shaped design helps it fit into the city. It was designed to provide the widest possible field of vision for the autonomous system’s sensors and for bringing in light from above through the glass panorama roof. The vehicle’s limited height ensures it doesn’t spoil outside pedestrians’ views of the city.


2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s aerodynamics are integral to the vehicle’s smooth design and aesthetics. It also protects the wheels and suspension, among others, so the vehicles require less maintenance and cleaning. It also projects less dirt around it, for the well-being of the city’s users.


2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept has a vast glazed area curved outward on the sides and all along the roof, giving passengers an unobstructed view of their trip, opening right out onto the city.

Electric platform

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept is built on a platform specifically designed for its electric motor, which is located on the rear axle to maximize interior comfort. The motor drives the rear wheels and the batteries are located under the floor.


2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept features a 4CONTROL chassis with 4-wheel steering for improved agility and safety in the city.

Active suspension

When stopped, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept has a low-profile silhouette. When on the move, the active suspension raises the vehicle by several centimetres, to go over speed bumps more easily for example.

Built in indicators

The indicator repeaters perfectly follow the curve of the wheel fairing, and turn with them, improving visibility for the other road users.


2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept has a wireless induction battery charging system, for automatic connection without human intervention.

Control tower

All the sensors required for autonomous driving (radars, lidars, ultrasound, cameras) are grouped in the removable antenna located on the roof’s rear spoiler. It is automatically deployed when the vehicle starts.

These sensors are the same used in a personal autonomous vehicle but some settings are tailored for travelling in the city rather than on the highway, e.g. to provide a broader field of vision around the vehicle.

Brake light

The rear spoiler also features 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s third brake light, suspended in its edge, in the same way as SYMBIOZ Concept’s one.

Light strips

2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept’s front (white) and red (rear) light strips function as welcome sequence and indicators for passengers and pedestrians for example signaling with arrows that it is safe to cross.


Once connected to its station, 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept features a large flat floor prolonging the ramp to help with boarding and settling in.

With no driver’s seat, the long wheelbase and electric platform with underfloor batteries provide maximum cabin space for the passengers.


The seats are arranged as a U-shape sofa for a more welcoming setting. Hardwearing and warm materials are designed for intense and varied uses.


The seat backs are deliberately kept separate from the seats, which are suspended, to maximize the amount of light around the passengers.


There is an all-glass roof above the passengers. When the light gets too strong, it automatically goes darker.


The floor is covered in herringbone-patterned sustainable wood, both solid and durable. A LED light strip crosses the floor to guide the passengers to the exit.


The large screen located in front of the door is for exchanging information between 2018 Renault EZ-GO Concept and its passengers. Among others, it displays trip information: time to arrival, planned stops for getting off or on, etc.


Induction chargers are available for the passengers’ smartphones.


Passenger’s luggage can be fastened in reserved areas.


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